CQ Contest, CQ Conteszzzzzzzzzzzz

I see the bands are splattered with the sound of CQ Contest yet again. Everywhere I tune is the sound of CQ Contest. How boring.

“Yes, hello, I can barely hear you, can you repeat your call… Yes, you are 59+20 and your number is…..”

yawnIt really wouldn’t be so bad if these contests were restricted to a small slice of each band or something but no, they’re splattered over every freq, calling contest over the top of everyone including each other and all to exchange generous 59 reports and some meaningless number. Does anyone have any paint I can watch dry for the weekend? It’s certainly a damn site more interesting!

I just don’t see the fascination with it. Ordinarily I’d say each to their own and I really wouldn’t care or moan – if it wasn’t for the fact that they hog entire bands to forfil their quotas of nonsense.

Well I guess HF is off limits again. Now I’m starting to remember why I originally got bored and sold my FT-857D.


Custom MMSSTV Vox Tone Music

I found these vox tone intro tunes a while back and thought I would post them up for anyone interested.
All credit goes to http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/tutsstv18.htm


To use these tunes, go to Options in MMSSTV and select Setup MMSSTV. From there, click on the TX tab and select user defined in the VOX Tones settings. You should see a button appear that says EDIT. Click the EDIT button to open up a text area to post in the tone of your choice.  Please be sure to copy the sequence of numbers without the quotes and paste them into the text area in MMSSTV.
Everytime you send SSTV from now on, a little tune will play prior to scanning and transmission.


1 – Introdução da Quinta sinfonia de Beethoven :

2 – Inicio do hino de Minas Gerais (adaptado de uma valsa italiana, Viene Sul Mare):

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Rant of the Day – Bad Practices and Manners

Well, I’ve found another pet hate in the world of Amateur Radio and that’s people that tune up on the same frequency as the person you / they are trying to contact. I mean come on, show some manners and respect for crying out loud.

Mr Rude: A whiff of outrage.

This morning, I woke up bright and early with the intention of making some more 10m contacts for my logbook. My intention being to work at least one person in every country on earth via 10m. After about half an hour of tuning round to find a call from a country I hadn’t yet worked, I came across a station that got stronger in signal as I listened. This call turned out to be JA8EPO. I quickly picked up the mic and just as I went to give him a call the frequency became flooded with the sound of people sending out tuning tones. So bad was this noise that it completely drowned the poor guy out. All I could hear was BEEEEEEEEEEP from one station followed by BOOOOOOOOOOP as another station tuned up followed by more beeeeeeps and boooooops.

Soon propagation began to change and occasionally, between all the beeps and boops, I could hear him getting weaker and weaker until he was gone. Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed that my chance had been robbed by ignorant people tuning up with what all sounded like excessive amounts of power just for tuning. I thought the idea was to turn the power down, move to the center of the freq and tune up there – not keep the wick up and tune up all over everyone else trying to make a contact. I just don’t see why people do it?


Personally, I’m just not that ignorant and will note down the frequency of the contact and move away to a frequency with no activity to perform a tune up. I wouldn’t go round their house and in the middle of a conversation start shouting loudly so no one could hear what anyone else was saying and I doubt they would either but what they’re doing on the radio is not much different.

/End Rant :)

Anytone 5555 10m /11m AM FM SSB Radio (Up To 40 Watts!!!)

Modding my Maycom and then realising there are no side bands (Doh!) has spurred me into buying one of these Anytone AT-5555 10m Radios – (A.K.A. The SuperStar SS6900 – amongst other names and model numbers).


A friend of mine (M3NFA) actually owns one of these Anytone’s and we recently installed a dedicated modified GP27 CB antenna for him. His first contact after the antenna install was to Athens, Greece and the signal and audio reports were fantastic. My AT-5555 should hopefully be here today along with a nice new 15Amp PSU to back up it’s top whack 40w grunt (which I’m not allowed to use – being an M6 and limited to 10 watts on the Ham Bands).

By the weekend I hope to be up and running with a dedicated (homemade) 10m antenna kindly donated to me by my friend G4ZTD, a nice new AT-5555 and a bigger PSU with more grunt :D

I’ve had everything shipped out with the quickest possible shipping options and I’m hoping my PSU and Radio both arrive today.

All that remains to be said now is…… hurry up postie!!!!!!

Fun Radio Group Equipment Shakedown on Beacon Hill

The guys from Fun Radio Group (M0LFG) were at Beacon Hill last weekend for an equipment shakedown. It was a great turn out and despite the gusts, we even had time for a small BBQ :)